After our last case study post, we received a message from another lovely customer who has experienced fantastic results using our SoCBD full spectrum CBD oil for arthritis. This lady reached out as she had been slightly hesitant before she knew anything about CBD, but now feels it is one of the best decisions she has ever made. Today, 6 months on, Isabel has noticed that various aspects of her life have improved and the only change she has made is CBD. She wants to share her experience with others who have been considering this all-natural supplement but were perhaps sceptical or apprehensive. After an extensive conversation with Isabel, we have gathered all the main points for you below.


Which Product Does Isabel Use?

Isabel has been using SoCBD Full Spectrum Oil at 5000mg. She drips 2 drops under her tongue in the morning and then 2 more drops at night. Isabel decided she wanted to go for Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5000mgthe full strength in the first instance, however, it is also common for people to start at a lower dose and build their way up. It really depends on the person.


Why Did Isabel Try CBD and What Benefits Did She Experience?

There are few of us who do not experience some kind of illness or ailment, especially as we progress further into our adult lives. In fact, as we get older it is more likely that we will suffer some kind of chronic condition. After chatting with her daughter (who also uses CBD for general wellness) and doing lots of her own research, Isabel thought it would be worth it to try CBD and see if any difference could be made to any of her ailments. She was pleasantly surprised at how much improvement she experienced. Below is the list of conditions that Isabel suffers from and the difference she has felt since starting CBD:


Condition: Arthritis

Isabel has arthritis, which gives her pain in her hands and knees. It also makes her feel stiff and unable to move quickly or without strain. Before starting on CBD, she struggled with everyday tasks as her hand flexibility and strength was greatly reduced with the arthritic pain. For example, one time she dropped a burning hot tray containing a cooked chicken as she tried to remove it from the oven. Her hands had been weak and sore that day but suddenly she lost the ability to grip. As the tray fell from her hands she was burned by the hot fat. This is a common, debilitating symptom for people with arthritis.

CBD Oil for Arthritis

Isabel’s pain in her hands and knees has now decreased. She also now has an increase in flexibility and feels she can move her hands and knees much more easily. She has a much better grip and doesn’t drop things the way she used to.



Condition: Disturbed Sleep

Another struggle of Isabel’s is her inability to sleep through the night. Every single night without fail she wakes up for various reasons, one of the main causes is to go to the toilet. This is an issue that Isabel has been dealing with for many years.

CBD for Sleep

Although this was not the initial reason why she tried CBD, Isabel has found she sleeps through the night now and no longer has to get up to go to the toilet.



Condition: Anxiety

Isabel also suffers from anxiety and as a result bites her nails down to the quick.

CBD for Anxiety

Isabel noticed lately that her fingernails have grown substantially, for the first time in years. It was then that she came to the realisation that she had not felt anxious for several weeks. CBD for Anxiety is a FAQ by our customers, if you would like to know more on this topic please read our blog on CBD oil for treating anxiety.



Condition: Fatigue Caused by Underactive Thyroid

For over a decade, Isabel has had an underactive thyroid. She is prescribed Thyroxine from the doctor, yet still suffers from extreme tiredness and fatigue.

Benefits of CBD for Fatigue

Since taking CBD, Isabel has experienced increased energy, so much so that she has recently cleaned out all of her cupboards and redecorated her entire house! This kind of laborious work was previously far too much for Isabel, but recently she has felt a natural urge to move around and to get things done. This is likely a combination of her decreased pain and her increased energy.


CBD Oil for ArthritisHow Long Does it Take for CBD to Work?

Isabel has been taking CBD for over six months now and feels the best she has in years. She describes the subtle effects of CBD coming on slowly over time. Looking back Isabel has pinpointed the 6-week mark as the moment she felt improvements to her wellbeing. Like many of our customers, Isabel tells us that she would recommend CBD to anyone that has been struggling with the same, or similar, ailments but has not found much help with medication.


*SoCBD does not claim that any of the products sold on our website can heal illnesses. If you think you are suffering from an illness, we advise that you speak to a healthcare professional in the first instance. CBD is an organic, natural supplement known to improve the overall wellbeing through the endocannabinoid system. Please read our terms to learn more.