We love to chat with our customers about how they find our products as we are always looking for ways to improve our services. One customer Jenni* who has been struggling with Eczema for many years. Jenni, like many other Eczema sufferers, went to her GP and tried various different creams and lotions that are NHS approved. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to be able to make much difference.


We received an email from Jenni asking about our topical CBD products and their effectiveness on Eczema. Although none of our team had any personal experience with Eczema, we advised Jenni that all of our products are organic and contain no harmful ingredients, therefore are safe to use. We also highlighted that our topical products have 0% THC (THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis i.e. the part that gets you "high"). This means that our products will not get you "high".


Jenni Before Applying Topical CBD

Above: Jenni's arms before applying topical CBD salve.


In the end, Jenni purchased the Hempture Organic 250mg CBD Salve from our website and decided to try using it on her arms, which are the areas most affected by Eczema on her body. We asked if Jenni could let us know how she got on using the salve as it would be useful for other customers who may be struggling with the same condition. Just a few weeks later we received a lovely email from Jenni with photographs included showing the wonderful progress that she has made. Please see below the email from Jenni and photos:


When I first opened the Hempture salve I was a bit sceptical as the consistency was more like an oily lip balm as opposed to a lotion, which is what my doctor usually prescribes me. However, as soon as I put it on I knew this product would do a much better job than all the NHS stuff. The oily texture penetrated the dry patches of my skin, unlike any other treatment. I decided to do only my left arm at first to let me see if there really is any difference. I have to say I am over the moon with the results! I’ve included some photos for you and now I just need to buy another tub and get started on my right arm to even things out. Thank you so much again!


Day 1: Jenni applied Topical CBD Salve to both armsDay 1: Jenni applied Topical CBD Salve to both arms.











Day 8: One week after Jenni has applied CBD Topical Salve to her left arm only

Day 8: One week after Jenni has applied CBD Salve to her left arm only.











Day 14: Two weeks after Jenni applied CBD Salve to her left arm only.Day 14: Two weeks after Jenni applied CBD Salve to her left arm only.










We are all thrilled for Jenni at SoCBD and would like to thank her once again for allowing us to share these images on our website. Although we believe firmly that many people can benefit from the products we sell on our website, we in no way claim that they can cure medical ailments. If you are suffering from an illness or ailment, we advise you to speak to a healthcare professional. Please read our terms to learn more.


*The customer's name has been changed to protect her identity.