Since the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK, products containing CBD – or cannabidiol – have gone from strength to strength. Because CBD products can’t be used recreationally, the nation is now seeing the cannabis plant in a whole new light – including the many benefits it can bring for our health. While there are still studies to be conducted to confirm the full extent of CBD’s benefits, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s very effective for certain conditions. One such example is epilepsy – more specifically, one of the key symptoms of this condition: seizures. Let’s look at exactly how CBD helps seizures.

The Prevalence of Epilepsy in the UK

According to a leading UK epilepsy charity, the condition affects 1 in 100 people in the UK, meaning that approximately 600,000 people suffer from epilepsy. One CBD for Seizuresof the key symptoms of the condition is seizures, which are more wide-ranging in their experience than you might think. Many of us, when we read the word ‘seizure’, will think of somebody’s body becoming stiff or limbs moving unintentionally. While this is one type of seizure, there are actually more than 60 different types which affect epilepsy sufferers. Because seizures strike different areas of a person’s brain, the actual symptoms of the seizure can vary wildly from person to person.


How CBD helps seizures for epilepsy sufferers

According to the UK charity Epilepsy Action, there have been a number of key studies into the effectiveness of CBD on epileptic seizures – and the results are promising. The way that many of these studies are carried out is that, in order to verify that a treatment may be beneficial, the subjects must experience a reduction of 50% in their seizure frequency. One recent study found that 1 in 8 of the participants found their seizures reduced by 50% when using CBD products. It’s also worth noting that these promising results were found to be especially true in cases where the seizures had been particularly hard to treat with existing medications. That said, many participants were also taking other medications alongside CBD, so that may have had an effect on the results.


Should you try CBD to reduce seizures?

While it’s clear that there is some evidence that CBD can indeed reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures, it’s always good to take professional advice. Once you’re sure you’d like to try CBD to see if it can help you, there are many products available which will deliver the CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil is one of the most popular options available, giving you the option of a specific dosage which you can use as a food supplement to make it simple and easy to take. Or, if you’re a vaper, you could always try some CBD vape oil, which is totally nicotine-free and can be a very effective (and relaxing) way to administer CBD.

If you’d like to learn more about how CBD helps seizures, we strongly recommend consulting with a health professional to ensure it’s the right choice for you.