Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. In recent years CBD in oil form has increased in popularity amongst health and wellness experts. This is due to its numerous benefits for both the body and mind.

There are several different ways that it can be taken. The most common of these is with a tincture. Users can apply a couple of drops to their tongue, wait a moment for it be absorbed and then swallow. Alternatively, it can be added to drinks such as smoothies and milkshakes. CBD can also come in spray, e-liquid, capsule and cream form.

It is recommended that first-time users take as small a dose as possible. This is so that they can gradually build up to a dosage that best works for them. Having a consultation with a medical professional will help people determine how much CBD is ideal for their individual needs.

What conditions can it alleviate?

The anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective nature of CBD means that it can be used as a remedy for a broad range of physical and psychological afflictions. In the British media, there have recently been high-profile stories concerning CBD as an anti-seizure medication for sufferers of epilepsy.

Studies have found that CBD is great for aiding patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome (DS). Other medications are less effective at treating the seizures that occur from these conditions. CBD has also been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for complications that can arise from neurodegeneration and neuronal injury.

Cancer and Alzheimer's

Cancer patients can often find the effects of chemotherapy to be very debilitating. The symptoms of nausea and vomiting can be alleviated with CBD. Additionally, the added pain relief can help patients get through the difficult treatment. There is even some evidence to suggest that it can suppress the growth of cancer cells. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has published reports affirming CBD's ability to prevent some cancers from spreading.

As the population grows, cases of Alzheimer's Disease are unfortunately likely to increase. There is no known cure but CBD could help those who are in the early stages of it. The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease has stated that this oil can slow down its progression. In particular, the publication pointed out that CBD can prevent something called social recognition deficit. This is a symptom where the sufferer can no longer recognise the faces of people they know.

Acne and diabetes

The oil also has cosmetic benefits. Everyone will develop acne at some point in their life. For most, this skin affliction goes away over time. However, an unlucky few will end up with reoccurring and severe cases of acne. It can be uncomfortable and affect their self-confidence. The Journal of Clinical Investigation has found that the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD lowers sebum production, a key cause of common skin conditions.

Diabetes is also on the rise in Britain. Inflammation of the pancreas is seen in people with type 1 diabetes. According to Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, CBD may be used to fight this illness in the near future.

Mental health problems

CBD oil is not just useful for physical complaints. Mental illness is a serious and widespread problem. Effective treatment of it will vary from person to person. However, CBD can help a diverse range of sufferers.

Anxiety is very common and when someone repeatedly experiences it over time they can easily develop a disorder. Those with chronic anxiety should be aware that THC can trigger panic and paranoid behaviour. CBD, on the other hand, will reduce anxiety. That is why it is important to know the difference between the two.

A report by Neurotherapeutics noted that a host of mood disorders can be treated with CBD. This includes PTSD, GAD, panic disorder, social anxiety and OCD. They did, however, concede that more studies need to be made in order to confirm its effectiveness.

Addiction disorders

The extremely damaging effects of long-term smoking have been well documented. Because of this many are attempting to kick the habit. Unfortunately, the withdrawal can be too much for some. A recent pilot study by Addictive Behaviors gave CBD inhalers to a group of smokers. The study found that these people smoked fewer cigarettes than usual. They also reported having a reduced craving for nicotine. This is good news for anyone struggling to quit smoking.

The psychological symptoms from withdrawal are also seen in addictions to other, harder substances. The opioid epidemic in the US has highlighted how devastating addiction disorders can be. CBD is a promising treatment for reducing these symptoms. More research will be needed but the findings so far are in the oil's favour.

It should be noted that some studies have suggested several possible side effects from taking cannabidiol. This includes drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and diarrhoea. It can also increase the number of enzymes produced in the liver. Luckily these side effects are usually rare and will not affect most users.

Is CBD oil legal?

When most people talk about cannabis they will be referring specifically to THC, the psychoactive chemical that gets people "high". CBD does not give users this sensation, making it different from the majority of other cannabinoids. Because of this, it has a more relaxed legal status.

The Misuse of Drugs Act makes most cannabinoids illegal to consume. CBD is allowed to be taken for medicinal purposes. It must also come from a strain that contains 0.2 per cent or less THC. Furthermore, this THC is not allowed to be easily extracted from the oil.

In order to ensure that the CBD in the UK is of a legal standard, it needs to be approved by the EU. The high-street stores and medical facilities that supply these will only be permitted to supply oil that adheres to strict government guidelines. If users are found to be consuming oil that breaches these rules then they and the supplier could potentially be charged with drugs offences.

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