One of the most debilitating illnesses many people around the world suffer from is Parkinson's Disease. It is currently estimated that up to 10 million people globally live with Parkinson's now. This illness usually affects people once they pass 60 which has seen it become more prevalent as we are all now living longer. If you or a loved one suffers from this disease, you will be keen to find ways to manage it effectively. One product you may have heard about in this regard recently is CBD oil.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made from cannabis plants but it does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. The oil is simply the liquid extract from the plant, which only contains the substances that can be legally consumed in many countries, including the UK. One of the main substances found in the cannabis plant is cannabidiol, known commonly as CBD. As it has no psychoactive side-effects and doesn't produce any feelings of being high, CBD oil is perfectly safe to use.SoCBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg


CBD Oil and Parkinson's

The big question for anyone dealing with Parkinson's is whether this oil can help. Usually, symptoms of this illness are seen in impaired movement, muscle tremors when resting, slowness of movement and, in some cases, mental health issues like depression. It is thought that taking CBD oil can help with many of these symptoms due to how the active cannabidiol ingredient works on the human brain.

It has been reported that certain areas of the brain which are affected most by Parkinson's, such as a particular coupled receptor in the basal ganglia, have an abundance of cannabinoid receptors. This makes taking CBD oil effective as it can work directly where it is most needed. The overall effect is that more dopamine is produced in the brain to make sufferers feel happier and more relaxed. This effect has been observed by Zhao-Hui Song and Alyssa S Laun who conducted research into Parkinson's and CBD at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.


What Else Has Been Reported Around CBD Oil and Parkinson's?

CBD Oil for Parkinson's DiseaseAs CBD oil becomes more popular for helping with a range of conditions like Parkinson's, more research is starting to be reported around the positive effects it can have.

One study by the Colorado School of Medicine found that sufferers experienced relief from tremors or insomnia by taking CBD products. Their findings reported that the human endocannabinoid system reacts well to CBD which then helps to regulate key functions like movement. Another study from the Prague Movement Disorders Centre found oral intake of cannabis helped over 30% of patients tested experience reduced resting tremors. Even better, 44.7% reported that it helped with their slowness of movement.

As well as academic research, there is also much anecdotal evidence to suggest CBD oil can help relieve Parkinson's symptoms. Many people around the world who have begun to use CBD oil to treat their own condition have reported it helping with pain relief, better sleep, improved movement and Parkinson's related psychosis.


Which CBD Oil is Best for Parkinson's Disease?

Effects of CBD oil will vary from person to person. This is because everyone is different, even those who suffer from the same illness, such as Parkinson's Disease. We advise that anyone who wants to try CBD oil should take time to do their own research and consider which strength they would like to start with. Many people prefer to start with a smaller dose and build their way up until they start to feel the harmonising effects. You should be aware that in general, the positive effects of CBD do not happen overnight but instead develop gradually over time.

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*SoCBD does not claim that any of the products sold on our website can cure illnesses. If you think you are suffering from an illness, we advise that you speak to a healthcare professional in the first instance. CBD is an organic, natural supplement known to improve the overall wellbeing through the endocannabinoid system. Please read our terms to learn more.