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Media Pack

Welcome to the media pack, your guide to our platform’s demographics, reach, and advertising options. Our blog is dedicated to providing high-quality and informative content on all things CBD-related, and we’re excited to offer a range of advertising opportunities to brands looking to reach our engaged audience.

Audience Demographics:

Our audience is primarily located in the United Kingdom, with a strong interest in health and wellness. Our readership consists of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, including students, working professionals, and retirees. The majority of our readers are between the ages of 25-54, with a roughly equal split between male and female readers.

Website Traffic:

Our blog has seen steady growth in traffic since its launch, with an average of 20,000 monthly page views. Our audience is highly engaged, with an average time on site of over 2 minutes per visit. We also have a strong social media presence, with over 10,000 followers across our various platforms.

Advertising Options:

We offer a range of advertising options to help brands connect with our audience, including:

Sponsored Content: We offer the opportunity for brands to create custom content that will be featured on our blog. This can include sponsored blog posts, product reviews, and social media posts.

Display Ads: We offer various display ad options, including banner ads, sidebar ads, and native ads. We can also create custom ad placements to suit your specific needs.

Social Media Promotion: We offer social media promotion options, including sponsored posts on our various social media platforms.

Email Marketing: We offer the opportunity to include your brand’s message in our regular email newsletters.

Why Advertise with Us:

Reach a targeted and engaged audience interested in health and wellness and CBD-related topics
High-quality content and expert insights to showcase your brand in a trustworthy environment
A range of advertising options to suit your specific needs and goals
Competitive pricing and flexible advertising packages

Contact Us:

If you’re interested in advertising with us, please contact our team at We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a custom advertising package that meets your goals and budget. Thank you for considering as your advertising partner.

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